The Ultra96 USB-to-JTAG/UART Pod is an inexpensive and convenient way to add both USB-to-UART and Xilinx USB-to- JTAG capability. With a single microUSB connection to the host, this pod provides the transceivers to communicate with both the UART and JTAG headers on Ultra96. This then allows engineers to access a serial terminal and Xilinx JTAG tools for communication, debugging, and simulation.


Target Applications 1: Serial communication via host terminal 2: Xilinx JTAG tools Kit Includes 1: Ultra96 USB-to-JTAG/UART Pod 2: Quick Start Instructions Key Features 1: microUSB high-speed USB 2.0 connection 2: Female UART header compatible with the Ultra96 UART male header 3: Female JTAG header compatible with the Ultra96 JTAG male header