Avnet Embedded partners with Tianma to offer new high brightness rugged displays

May 2022 – Avnet Embedded has teamed up with its display partner Tianma to offer a range of rugged, high brightness displays. The seven inch displays are perfect for outdoor applications that require clearly readable screens in harsh light and a wide range of temperatures. This makes them perfect for applications like fuel station displays, outdoor vending machines and kiosks, as well as smaller public information systems.

The displays adopt Tianma’s popular wide-view high contrast technology.

Full specifications:

Model nameP0700WVF1MA00P0700WVF1MA10
Dimension(mm)10.87 × 169.8 × 109.7 mm8.9 × 169.8 × 109.7 mm
Life Time10000070000
Operating Temperature Range-30~80 -30~80
Contrast Ratio1000:11000:1
Viewing Angle85/85/85/8585/85/85/85
InterfaceLVDS LVDS

The displays will be available soon. Contact us using the form below if you want to speak to us about your rugged display application.