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Avnet Embedded announces complete starter kit for new SMARC modules based on NXP’s i.MX 93 applications processors

Stutensee, Germany – February, 2023 – Avnet Embedded is launching a comprehensive starter kit for its scalable MSC SM2S-IMX93 SMARC 2.1.1™ module family based on NXP™ Semiconductors’ i.MX 93 applications processors. The MSC SM2-SK-IMX9-EP1 SMARC 2.1.1 starter kit contains all necessary components to quickly enable the customer to evaluate the MSC SM2S-IMX93 modules and start application development.

Avnet Embedded launches compact SMARC module family based on Intel® Atom® x7000E Series processors with up to eight cores

Stutensee, Germany – February, 2023 – Avnet Embedded is expanding its comprehensive SMARC™ product portfolio including announcing availability of the scalable MSC SM2S-ALN module family. These boards integrate an Intel® Atom® processors x7000E Series, Intel® Core™ i3 processor or Intel® Processors N Series (former codenamed “Alder Lake N”). Depending on processor type, the thermal design power (TDP) is between 6W and 15W providing less power dissipation. Two, four or eight cores are available to scale the CPU and graphics performance.

Avnet Embedded brings full Windows 10 IoT on industrial Arm-based SMARC module platform with NXP i.MX 8M Plus SoCs

Stutensee, Germany – March, 2023 – Avnet Embedded has developed an industrial Arm®-based embedded platform with an SMARC™ embedded compute module running the full Microsoft Windows® 10 IoT Enterprise LTSC (Long-Term Servicing Channel) operating system without modification. The advantage is that customers can easily install Windows 10 IoT Enterprise on Avnet Embedded’s MSC SM2S-IMX8PLUS modules integrating an i.MX 8M Plus applications processor from NXP™ Semiconductors and are able to use standard API32 PC applications without re-compilation or re-writing. At embedded world 2023, a demo platform is shown on Avnet Embedded’s Booth 510 in Hall 1 and on Avnet Silica’s Booth 111 in Hall 3A.

RASynBoard brings low-power, edge AI processing to embedded sensor applications.

PHOENIX – March 7, 2023 – The RASynBoard development kit from Avnet (Nasdaq: AVT) can help hardware and software design engineers and embedded AI developers quickly adopt edge AI capabilities into their products, making them more efficient, accurate and reliable. It was created in collaboration with Renesas, Syntiant, TDK, and Edge Impulse, and will be demonstrated in the Avnet Embedded booth (1-510) at the Embedded World Exhibition and Conference, March 14-16, in Nuremberg, Germany.

MipiPlus – the everyday touch display with industrial speed

Display products with MIPI (Mobile Industry Processor Interface) had previously been limited to purely high-volume consumer products, most notably smart phones. Recently, however, there has been a steady increase of MIPI products across industrial and medical applications and this has created more room for them mainly in handheld applications and sizes due to lower power requirements.

Avnet Embedded launches new COM Express Compact module family based on new Intel Atom x7000E Series processor generation

Avnet Embedded today launches the MSC C6C-ALN COM Express® Type 6 module family, utilizing the next generation of Intel® Atom® processor technology. The scalable MSC C6C-ALN COM Express module family can be equipped with the Intel® Atom® processors x7000E Series, Intel® Core™ i3 processor and Intel® Processors N Series with up to eight processor cores.

Avnet Embedded announces first high-performance COM Express module family based on 13th Gen Intel Core processors

Avnet Embedded today announces its powerful MSC C6B-RLP COM Express™ Type 6 module series based on the newly announced 13th Gen Intel® Core™ P-series processors (codenamed „Raptor Lake P-series“). Avnet Embedded offers customers an entire ecosystem of starter kit, board support package and design-in support and allows an easy implementation of the new processor technology for the rapid development of innovative embedded products.

Need a high-performance outdoor touchscreen? Look no further.

Our well-loved and widely used SimplePlus family welcomes a new addition in the shape of the new ‘AMA-070A08-DU2511-G020’. It may not be the catchiest of names, but it could be just the solution you need to kickstart your product innovation journey.

Avnet Embedded presents scalable SMARC module family based on i.MX 93 applications processors from NXP Semiconductors

Stutensee, Germany – November, 2022 – Avnet Embedded continues its long and successful partnership with NXP™ Semiconductors and presents the scalable MSC SM2S-IMX93 SMARC 2.1.1™ module family. The compact standard modules integrate NXP’s i.MX 93 applications processors with a typical design power of 2 - 4 Watts for low-power applications.

Avnet Embedded and Renesas cooperate in the field of SMARC modules and present first energy- and cost-efficient module family based on RZ/G2UL processors

Stutensee, Germany – November, 2022 – In order to open up new markets and applications for scalable standard modules, Avnet Embedded, the leading manufacturer of embedded solutions, has extended the existing partnership of the Avnet Group with Renesas, a globally established processor manufacturer, to include compact SMARC modules.