Avnet Launches Two Modules based on Intel Core Ultra Processor

COM Express and COM-HPC provide developers two platform choices

Nuremberg, Germany – April 8, 2024 – Avnet (Nasdaq: AVT) is launching two high-end Computer-on Module (CoM) products for compute and graphics intensive applications featuring Intel* Core* Ultra processors. The CoM module based on COM Express Type 6 with Basic formfactor (C6B-MLH) is intended as a technology refinement for applications that have the module standard already integrated. Architects that are targeting higher I/O bandwidth and connectivity can select the COM-HPC Client Size A module (HCA-MLH).

These modules provide a performance and functional upgrade for embedded high-end system solutions.  They allow design engineers to utilize increased performance based on an AI accelerator, higher core count and more graphic execution units (GPUs) compared to previous processor generations. This could significantly enhance capabilities of applications making heavy use of image processing and AI based data analysis.

“Designed for high-end medical equipment such as ultrasound imaging, robotics, security appliances, and casino gaming, these modules are well suited for system designers who are looking for a design platform that utilizes the full performance potential of the Intel Core Ultra processor in their applications,” said Thomas Staudinger, President, Avnet Embedded. “These modules further extend Avnet Embedded’s rich computer on modules portfolio at the high-end side.”

Both modules based on Intel Core Ultra offer the following:

  • Intel AI Boost (NPU) to accelerate AI applications, built-in
  • Intel Arc GPU or Intel Graphics
  • Versatile IO including PCIe Gen 4, USB3.2, 1 / 2.5Gbps Intel Ethernet

In addition, the COM-HPC board supports PCIe Gen 5, USB4 and has a second Ethernet port providing for more bandwidth and connectivity between the module and carrier board.

Avnet Embedded will showcase both modules at the embedded world 2024 in Nuremberg, Germany (booth 1-510). Samples will become available during second half of 2024.

For more information visit: https://embedded.avnet.com/com-express/



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