Overwhelmed by choice? Take the SimplePlus route.

Are you feeling lost? That you simply don’t have enough hours in the day to spend hunting for the perfect display model? And then there’s the challenge of finding the right partner to help you with your visualization or HMI. Sheesh. It shouldn’t be this hard, right?

Display assembly

This is a familiar scenario to us. We know that engineers like you are seeking easy ways to assess the options – even to just have a simple overview. But the offerings on the market are vast. Too vast.  Huge numbers of options. The same display, but with multiple versions, each with tiny variations. It’s no wonder you’re overwhelmed by choice. And you just don’t have the time for this, right? Especially as you also have other priorities. Because once the choice has been dwindled down to several options, each needs to be quick tested to see if it will work.

You see, display offerings are kind of isolated – while a specification is clear and at hand, finding the best (and simplest) solution to drive the display is not. Regular displays require driving electronics, which are not, by definition, compatible with embedded boards or compute solutions. Interface cards need to be told how to drive the specific display, a complex task involving understanding signals and timings.

We at Avnet Embedded are nothing if not problem solvers, and all the above led us to develop SimplePlusTM. It removes the complexity of displays and driving solutions, while also offering touch operation. We offer fitted driving cards for each display touch module, which allows direct connection to standard PCs or Laptops via regular HDMI or DVI cabling. The touch operation is plug-and-play via USB or I2C. Plus, we always have samples in stock and ready to use, and it’s possible to make customizations to suit your specific project.

Like they say, the right answer is often the simplest – and we couldn’t agree more.

If this is music to your ears, visit our booth at Embedded World to see a selection of ready-to-use products for yourself.

Our display solutions come in a range of form-factors and our display-experts are on hand to guide you in the creation of display or touch solutions that meet your requirements. Find out how Avnet Embedded can propel your product innovation and get in touch today.


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