Another new arrival! 10.1 joins the MipiPlus family

It only feels like a few minutes ago that we shared the news of our MipiPlus 7”, 7.8” and 4” products, but already we have another addition to offer. It’s a testament not only to the popularity of MipiPlus, but the speed at which we are able to launch new tested and proven variations into our portfolio – especially one with an interface as challenging to integrate as MIPI.

It’s form factor is ideal for use in handheld appliances and indoor use, lending itself equally well to the control of home appliances, such as coffee machines, as it is for industrial machinery, such as handheld controls.

Like its counterparts, the 10.1” offers all the advantages of the MIPI DSI interface, including higher speed and greater functionality when compared to the standard RGB or LVDS and its touch functionality is integrated in the module. It has 1.8 mm protective front glass with neutral black border print for an attractive and sleek design. MipiPlus 10.1” can also be directly connected to many modern microcontrollers and microprocessors.

Resolution 800x1280 native portrait
Outline 175.0 x 255.0 x 5.6 mm
Viewing Angle 160v/160h
Brightness 550 nits TFT brightness (w/o Touch+Glass)
Contrast 1000:1 contrast
Temperature -20° C to 70° C
Product Code: XEA-101A01-DI9509-G020

MipiPlus has the advantage of being part of our well-established SimplePlus™ program, which creates a reliable production process, based on tested and proven concepts, for volume projects. Offering rapid delivery of single samples, possible customization, and other design adjustments, it can significantly decrease overall costs in in materials, development time and production efficiency. Avnet Embedded can also provide support drivers for Linux for easy implementation into the software stack.

Our display solutions come in a range of form-factors and our display-experts are on hand to guide you in the creation of display or touch solutions that meet your requirements. Find out how Avnet Embedded can propel your product innovation and get in touch today.