Innolux High Brightness TFT displays: designed for the great outdoors

Plenty of displays need to be able to cope with the varying demands of outdoor use – think EV chargers, construction sites, agricultural vehicles, boats and many more. Displays in these highly variable locations are not only exposed to the elements but feel the full force of heavy duty use every day. As a result, Innolux has launched a new line of high brightness TFT displays that are more than up to the challenge.

Based on the existing product range and complementing their already popular industrial line up, Innolux high brightness TFTs counter the difficulties of low-visibility and are built for endurance. They are designed to withstand extreme operational conditions, easily meeting the challenges of the great outdoors while giving users the best possible experience.

Existing and new customers can easily incorporate this new display option in their current solutions and the 21.5” and 23.8” are already in mass production for EV charging stations.

Innolux logo Product No. Brightness Contrast LT Backlight Temp range Status
   7"       G070ACE-LH1       1000 cd       800:1    50Khrs    -30℃ ~85℃       MP*    
   10.1"       G101ICE-LH2       >1000cd       1000:1       -30℃ ~80℃       Dev**   
   10.4"       G104ACE-LH2       >1200cd       1000:1       -30℃ ~80℃       Dev    
   G104XCE-LH1       1000cd        1000:1       -30℃ ~85℃       MP    
   12.1"       G121ACE-LH3       >1200cd       1000:1       -30℃ ~85℃       Dev    
   G121XCE-LM1       1000 cd       1000:1       -30℃ ~75℃       MP    
   12.1"W       G121ICE-LH1       1000 cd        1000:1       -30℃ ~80℃       MP    
   15.4"       G154ICE-LH2       >1000cd        1000:1       -30℃ ~80℃       Dev    
   15.6"       G156HCE-LH1       >1200cd       800:1        -30℃ ~80℃       Dev    
   21.5"       G215HCJ-LH1       1400cd        1000:1       -30℃ ~85℃       Dev    
   23.8"       G238HCJ-LH1       1000cd        1000:1       -30℃ ~80℃       MP    
   G238HCJ-LH2        >1500cd        1000:1       -30℃ ~80℃       Dev    

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