Change the way you source displays with SimplePlus

Four whole months. Imagine what you could achieve in this time, while you waited, patiently for your touch displays to arrive. In the past, this was normal. For a simple display stack with generic coverglass and display drivers, an engineer could expect to a sixteen-week lead time. Sometimes more.

SimplePlus Touch Displays are different. We can supply you with samples fast – straight from stock – with a size range of 4.3” to 21.5”, even with optional display drivers. They are suitable for immediate connection to a Laptop, PC or embedded compute solution and have common video output (HDMI, DVI or VGA) as standard.

Touch screen in use

Looking for customization? Not a problem. Coverlens, thickness, shape, individual glass print, display brightness and more can be adjusted to suit volume projects. And we make sure that our work runs in parallel with yours, so development is continuous, swift and efficient as possible.

All SimplePlus products have been created, tested and fully specified with the needs of industrial and medical users in mind, but just as importantly, they allow you to reduce your time to market with a proven product that can be used in standard form or refined to suit the mass production of your product.

Our display solutions come in a range of form-factors and we have experts on hand to guide you in the creation of your ideal display or touch solutions. Demo units are also available on request. Find out how Avnet Embedded can propel your product innovation and get in touch today.



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