Set Up SimpleSwitch™ in Under 3o minutes

In our latest Embedded Software Session, we show how simple and fast it is to set up SimpleSwitch on Avnet Embedded #SMARC modules. With a comprehensive documentation online, the SDK and Base Image installation is done within under 30min.

After this session, you will be ready to start developing your first project with SimpleSwitch.

In this episode, you will learn how to set up SimpleSwitch in under one hour.

Requirements to follow this video:

Steps in the video:

  1. Register on Avnet Embedded website to get access to the binary images (Registration – Avnet Embedded)
  2. Go to the SimpleSwitch documentation website: Welcome to SimpleCore™ documentation! — SimpleCore™ documentation (
  3. Follow the steps in the documentation to set up your workspace: Setup your workspace — SimpleCore™ documentation (
  4. Download the SimpleSwitch base image for your SMARC module: Base image downloads — SimpleCore™ documentation (
  5. Flash the base image to an SD card using Etcher: Flashing a base image — SimpleCore™ documentation (
  6. Configure the base image by editing the UENV.txt file on the SD card: Configure base board and external hardware — SimpleCore™ documentation (
  7. Assemble the base board, the SMARC module, and the display
  8. Connect the SimpleSwitch board to your computer either using the USB to RS232 adapter and/or an Ethernet cable
  9. Boot the SimpleSwitch board
  10. Install the SimpleSwitch SDK on your computer: Step-by-step guide SDK — SimpleCore™ documentation (
  11. You are ready to get started with your first SimpleSwitch project!


Once you have followed these steps, you will have SimpleSwitch set up and ready to use. You can then start developing your own software for SimpleSwitch using the SDK.

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