Controlling GPIO from the Cloud Using SimpleSwitch™ and IoTConnect®- A Christmas Special

In this Christmas special episode, we will explore how to connect Avnet Embedded platforms quickly and easily to the cloud using SimpleSwitch™ and IoTConnect®, a cloud platform developed by Avnet. Then we will use IoTConnect® to control remotely a GPIO from the Cloud!


Before starting this tutorial, ensure you’ve followed our previous sessions and have the necessary hardware setup. Additionally, acquire a free IoTConnect® Test Drive Personal plan to access the platform.

1 – Enabling IoTConnect®

On the IoTConnect® platform, you will learn how to create a new generic template that can be used to control a GPIO remotely. Then as second step we will create a new device within the platform, using our newly created template.

2 – Downloading IoTConnect® Containers

In this part, you will learn what containers need to be downloaded to enable IoTConnect® connectivity with SimpleSwitch™. Then as second step, we will demonstrate how to configure your device to securely communicate with IoTConnect® platform.

3 – Monitoring IoTConnect® Communication

In this part, we will explore how we can use MQTTX to observe the communication between IoTConnect® and Avnet Embedded platform.

4 – Adapting Python Code to control a GPIO

We will adapt the code we created during the python session to control a GPIO to enable its usage with IoTConnect®.

5 – Controlling GPIO from the Cloud

Finally, we will demonstrate how from IoTConnect we trigger an event in the python code to control a GPIO.


This tutorial demonstrated how to control GPIO from the cloud using IoTConnect®, showcasing the potential of cloud connectivity in embedded systems. It also exemplified the utilization of software stacks from Avnet Embedded incubator program to expedite technology testing.

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