Medical displays

Sensitive sensors without the ghosts: Avnet HMIs for surgery are strong, safe and reliable

Capacitive sensors are great – highly reliable and have a wide range of functions. But in the medical world there are some very particular requirements around the service life of such sensitive sensor technologies.

What is ISO 13485 certification, and why is it so important?

When we manufacture medical devices for international brands, ISO 13485 is just one way Avnet Embedded ensures the highest possible standards.

AI Inference at the Edge: A lesson from Marie Curie

In 1914, Marie Curie’s work on radium stopped in its tracks as the reality of World War I approached. Undaunted, Curie sent her entire stock of radium to a local bank by train and embarked on a new project – using her knowledge of radiology to save soldiers’ lives. The problem Curie identified was that wounded troops needed the latest X-ray technology to quickly diagnose broken bones and find shrapnel such as bullets. But all of the X-ray machines were in hospitals, in large cities. This presented a major obstacle for fast diagnosis, decision making and lifesaving action to be taken.