Worker using touch screen

Glass guardians: display technology’s transparent armor

We have it in front of our faces every day, but only pay it any attention if it breaks. A layer of transparent coverglass sits over all the display panels that we use every day – in smartphones and tablets, televisions and monitors – and is essential in guarding the delicate electronics underneath, while also enhancing the quality of the display.

By popular demand – the MipiPlus 7”. New size, same great performance

We knew the launch of MipiPlus in February would be popular, but we’ve had such a great response to the 7.84” size that we’re now adding the 7” (17.78 cm) screen size to our portfolio. Integrating MIPI display products can be a complex process, but our significant experience in the field has given plenty of customers confidence to partner with Avnet Embedded for the journey.

Dito vs Nano Touch Solutions

Nano or DITO? When you’re developing a product that requires a touch display, you’ll need the right sensor. But which one? Avnet Embedded can help you.