Stutensee, Germany – April 2022 – Avnet Embedded today announces the power-efficient MSC SM2S-IMX8ULP module family, a new addition to its expansive SMARC 2.1.1™ embedded computing module range. The scalable system-on-modules, designed for extremely low power consumption combined with good computing performance, are based on an i.MX 8ULP crossover applications processor from NXP™ Semiconductors.


The high level of power efficiency of the MSC SM2S-IMX8ULP module family is achieved by specific features of the new i.MX 8ULP crossover applications processor manufactured in an optimized 28 nm FD-SOI process technology. The innovative Energy Flex architecture supports Heterogeneous Domain Computing (HDC) providing independent and more discrete separated domains for power efficiency separating the application domain and the real-time domain. The μPower management subsystem anchored by an internal NXP-built RISC-V core, can configure and control over 20 different power mode configurations. The pre-configured EdgeLock® secure enclave features autonomous management of security functions, silicon root-of-trust, reusable certifications, and key management.

Target markets for the MSC SM2S-IMX8ULP SMARC 2.1.1 module family, with dimensions of 82 x 50 mm (short-size form factor), are applications with stringent power efficiency requirements that are also very price sensitive. Some examples are battery-/solar-powered systems with long runtimes, IoT edge products, economical embedded controllers, efficient home & building automation solutions, handheld test and measurement devices, mobile medical systems, and portable printers. Other possibilities are applications that in the past used microcontrollers (MCUs) or multichip solutions.

Avnet Embedded develops its broad SMARC module portfolio in company-owned design centers and manufactures the products in its highly automated production facilities.

Tim Jensen, Senior Director Product Innovation, Avnet Embedded, said: “The MSC SM2S-IMX8ULP is the latest addition to our world-class range of modules which already ranks in the most expansive and versatile in the world. An ultra-low power version of the incredibly popular IMX8 SMARC module gives engineers the power to build solutions that are super-efficient for applications where energy is limited or dependent on renewable sources like solar or wind. We work with our customers to match their priorities in product design and this new module will be incredibly popular.”

Technical specifications:

Avnet Embedded’s flexible MSC SM2S-IMX8ULP SMARC 2.1.1 module family integrates an i.MX 8ULP crossover applications processor from NXP Semiconductor which combines a dual- or single-core ARM® Cortex™-A35 applications processor running at up to 1GHz, an ARM® Cortex-M33 real-time core and 2D/3D graphics processing units (GPUs). The integrated Tensilica® Hifi 4 DSP and the on-chip Fusion DSP from Cadence® support audio- and speech recognition and Edge AI / machine learning applications. The Thermal Design Power (TDP) is below one Watt.

The MSC SM2S-IMX8ULP module features up to 2GB power saving LPDDR4 SDRAM with 2400 MT/s and up to 256GB eMMC Flash memory. The extensive range of embedded interfaces includes Ethernet, USB 2.0, CAN-FD and dual-channel LVDS or MIPI-DSI for the control of displays. A camera module can be connected via MIPI-CSI.

The MSC SM2S-IMX8ULP module is compatible to the SMARC 2.0™ standard and is suitable for the operation in the industrial temperature range of -40°C to +85°C.

For evaluation and easy design-in, Avnet Embedded offers a complete development platform and an adequate starter kit. A Board Support Package (BSP) is available for Yocto based Linux operating system, Microsoft Azure Sphere and Android is supported on request.

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