Avnet Embedded launches platform enabling developers to switch between x86 and ARM based SMARC® 2.1.1 module families

Stutensee, Germany – June, 2022 – Avnet Embedded simplifies embedded software development on SMARC® 2.1.1 module families and launches platform enabling developers to switch between x86 and ARM® based modules without changing code. In hall 3A, booth 135 at embedded world 2022, Avnet Embedded presents the software initiative /SimpleSwitch, which allows to react quickly and efficiently to new market demands by easily moving software applications between Avnet Embedded SMARC® 2.1.1 modules (e.g., within i.MX 8M family or between ARM® and x86), without changing a single line of source code.

/SimpleSwitch combines the SMARC® connector, containers, and hardware abstraction layers to simultaneously maintain full functionality and hardware interface compatibility, while switching between different SMARC® modules to adjust e.g., computing performance.


While waiting for the SMARC® module delivery, the development of the HMI can be started immediately in the /SimpleSwitch virtual machine. With the integration of UI frameworks like Qt or Flutter for application prototyping and development, /SimpleSwitch allows for an easy design and fast plug-and-play deployment of modern UI applications.

For more information, please visit: https://embedded.avnet.com/

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