Embedded World 2022: Avnet Embedded and Kontron give powerful boost to new OSM V1.1 standard

Nuremberg, Germany – June, 2022 – Avnet Embedded and Kontron, the two leading providers of embedded computing technology, are reiterating their support of the new OSM standard at embedded world and thus give a powerful boost to the market for small-size solderable modules.

The Open Standard Module™ (OSM™) standard was launched last year by the Standardization Group for Embedded Technologies (SGET), and the latest version V1.1 of the specification was released a few weeks ago. For a growing number of IoT applications this standard helps to combine the advantages of modular embedded computing with increasing requirements regarding costs, space and interfaces. The solder-on market is currently dominated by proprietary modules. With the new SGET standard, it is expected that the market will see very strong growth due to standardization.

The first OSM products from Avnet Embedded and Kontron are based on the i.MX 8M Mini and i.MX 8M Nano SOCs from NXP™ Semiconductors with up to 4x ARM® Cortex™-A53 processors. Development of additional modules for an extensive scalable roadmap has already started.

Markus Mahl, Product Marketing Manager Boards, Avnet Embedded, says: “Together with Kontron and other providers, we are pleased to be able to give a powerful boost to the new OSM standard defined by SGET. We are convinced that the compact standard modules, which are optimized for large quantities, will quickly drive successful innovations in numerous new applications.”

Martin Schiller, Channel Sales Manager, Kontron Electronics, says: “Key factors for the great success of embedded systems are solutions based on open standards. With our new OSM modules, we have succeeded in creating a future-proof and competitive solution. We combine complex technical requirements for interfaces and functions in the smallest possible space with state-of-the-art manufacturing technology.”

OSM modules are solderable, postage stamp-sized system on modules that are for fully automated processing for soldering, assembly and testing. The OSM module is housed in a pre-tinned LGA package that can be soldered directly to the PCB without a connector. By reducing the number of production steps and eliminating the cost of a connector, significant cost savings can be achieved compared to previously existing module form factors.

To support use in various industrial applications, the compact OSM modules are defined in four different sizes from 30 x 15 mm, 30 x 30 mm, 30 x 45 mm to 45 x 45 mm. The solder-on modules are particularly rugged and resistant to shock and vibration. Most module variants are specified for an extended temperature range.

The OSM modules are mainly used in industrial applications that are cost-sensitive and where the available space is limited. Typical examples include optimized IoT systems such as small gateways, industrial control systems and home automation solutions.

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