Need a high-performance outdoor touchscreen? Look no further.

Our well-loved and widely used SimplePlus family welcomes a new addition in the shape of the new ‘AMA-070A08-DU2511-G020’. It may not be the catchiest of names, but it could be just the solution you need to kickstart your product innovation journey.

Just as you’d expect from SimplePlus, this 7” touchscreen is designed to deliver high performance and is particularly useful for outdoor applications where visibility is a significant challenge. The AMA-070A08-DU2511-G020 kit is at its best in industrial, consumer and automotive functions, offering a superior user experience across an extreme range of conditions: from -40 to 85° Celsius. Each kit comes with the 7” 800×480 display with capacitive touch functionality as well as preconfigured display driving boards, designed to aid your journey from ideation to prototyping.

7″ wide (800×480 pixel resolution)
160°/160° viewing angle
Capacitive touch function
1275 cd/m2 net brightness
Onboard LED driving circuit
1000:1 contrast