Double tap, zoom, rotate and flip with AUO PCAP touch integration

Industrial standard displays need to perform under all circumstances – in extremes of weather and temperature, or environments where there is a high risk of damage. Traditionally, this has been fulfilled by resistive touch displays, which are essentially two transparent film layers, each with a conductive layer on the inside. To operate, these layers press against each other. However, this continual pressure can be problematic, as it means they lose their resistance over time and eventually wear out. Scratching and a lack of optical clarity is also an issue,

While not a new solution, PCAP (Projective Capacitive) touchscreen technology solves these problems, which is why so many industrial display manufacturers have made the switch. Not only does it provide far better optical clarity compared to its predecessor, but its projected capacitance creates entirely new avenues for user experience, as it brings with it the ability to double tap, zoom, rotate and flip, as well as offering accurate stylus response.

We have successfully implemented PCAP touch integration services into several of our high-end industrial projects and we are now fully offering ADP/AUO touch integration as part of the Avnet Embedded custom PCAP portfolio. AUO’s touch displays are particularly suited to industrial use in that they can be operated under all lighting conditions.