Avnet Embedded adds new standard embedded display solution for EV charging stations

Avnet Embedded is adding new standard 21.5″ display and touchscreen options to its portfolio designed specifically for high-use electric vehicle (EV) charging stations, in response to high demand from EV charging OEMs.

Demand for electric vehicles has grown rapidly in recent years, driven by commitments from governments to move away from internal combustion engine vehicles. Demand for public charging points for electric vehicles has understandably also increased, and EV charging OEMs are rushing to build reliable EV charging stations that will work reliably in all weather.

Displays and touchscreens are a particularly large challenge for EV charging OEMs, as the technical complexity and environmental tolerances can be confusing. When user experience and reliability are critical, EV charging businesses need a display solution that they can rely on, which has been tried and tested in the required environments.

In response to this demand, Avnet Embedded is introducing a 21.5″ standard touchscreen display that is specially developed and tested for EV charging stations. The display uses a resolution of 1920×1080 and a 1400 nit brightness, and is pre-layered and housed for outdoor use with a high temperature range and industrial waterproofing. The display is supplied ready to mount into an EV charging housing, and connected to the OEM’s chosen compute solution. It is designed to ensure great readability in bright sunlight, and includes a toughened safety glass coverlens that is impact and heat resistant.

Stay tuned for more updates from us regarding some exciting EV charging solutions soon. For more information about the work we do for EV charging OEMs, visit our EV charging solution page. 

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