32 of potential: the curved touchscreen that shows you more

32” monitor set with individual LED controller board and software

Used with permission, General Electrical Touch Co., LTD

You see a curved touchscreen monitor. You might even be thinking how good it would look in your gaming rig.

We see the painstaking mechanical stress needed to form the curve and how to calculate the limits of that stress. We see the film sensor and 3mm coverglass, optically bound to a TFT display. And the complexity of engineering both a backlight and laminating touch capability across the curve.

We see a world of technologies that could equally be used across car dashboards and digital signage. It’s easy to imagine this as the curved touchscreen of a simulator or at the helm of industrial controls. It makes us think about how we might create other, more freeform shapes, bringing touch and a coverlens to them, and how we give them strength and utility.

Today this monitor shows us…

Useful details

It’s a 32” monitor set with individual LED controller board and software and equipped with a Multitouch PCAP which will recognise up to 10 fingers. It has a GFF (Glass-Film-Film) structure, which makes the stack thin and light, and the 3mm coverglass gives the monitor reliability and a long life.

Clarity and brightness

Its built-in TFT panels have a brightness of 250 cd/m², a contrast ratio of 3000:1 and a resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels for clear image display. The viewing angles of 89° from all directions are generous and ensure optimal visibility.

And ease of control

To us, it’s a thing of beauty. Which is why we put a fancy LED strip around it. Because if something is cool, it also deserves to look cool. So, each LED is managed by our smart LED controller board and its remote-controlled software lets you easily select pre-installed LED sequence. The Monitor also has a HDMI/VGA interface and speaker, so it’s simply plug and play.

Yes, it’s a monitor – today. But it also shows you our skill, potential and ability to see beyond the obvious. So, what might it be tomorrow?


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