SimplePlus 7: the unsung hero of touch displays

Sometimes products need a fanfare and sometimes… well, they’re just quietly great. Our new 7” SimplePlus touch display is in the second category. It’s superb ­– in the right hands. What do we mean by that? Well, on the face of it, it’s what might be called ‘mid-range’. A product that delivers the perfect balance between cost and performance, which is exactly what you need if you’re looking for affordability without cutting corners. You might call it the unsung hero of touch displays.


From a technical perspective, the 7” SimplePlus touch display delivers. It features an LVDS interface and wide viewing angle and is bright enough for indoor and shaded outdoor applications. This means it’s great for products that require full color graphics with a medium amount of illustrated data, such as laboratory equipment, signal generators or audio controllers.

Product Code AMA-070A09-DU2511-G010
Size 7” wide (800x480 pixel resolution)
Viewing Angle 170°/170°
Capacitive Touch? yes
Coverglass 1.1mm with decorative black border print
Brightness 500 cd/m² TFT, LED driving circuit on board
Interface LVDS
Contrast 1000:1
Operating Temperature -30º to +85ºC
Compatibility ACC-THV65-AMA-070A05 Driving Board

Our customers frequently tell us that another excellent benefit of choosing SimplePlus touch displays is that we can quickly provide samples from stock, meaning they can create a proof of concept rapidly. We also offer the flexibility to adjust our standard touch displays for mass production, and can make changes to coverglass printing, glass size and touch interface – just to name a few. Talk to us and find out what we can do for you.

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