Harnessing the Power of Chromium for Embedded Web Applications

Following up on our episode about deploying static websites, we’ll explore how to leverage Chromium on embedded systems with SimpleSwitch™.


  • SMARC module with RDP enabled for display sharing
  • Skopeo login credentials (Watch Episode 5: Tooling of SimpleSwitch™)


  1. Set Up Chromium Environment:
    • Log in to your device and access the website, adapting Cog web browser setup instructions for Chromium.
    • Install the Chromium container from our incubator store. Wait for container startup, and Chromium should be displayed.
  2. Load Your Static Website:
    • Install a file browser for easier file management and access it on port 8081 using a web browser.
    • Copy your static website files to the device using the file browser
  3. Serve the Website Locally using Python
  4. Configure Chromium’s over SSH and start Chromium

Your application should be displayed and interactive – now running with Chromium!

I hope this enhanced guide empowers you to utilize Chromium effectively for your embedded web projects! If you have any questions, feel free to ask in the comments. Don’t forget to subscribe to our YouTube channel and follow us on LinkedIn for more embedded software insights.

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