Develop Directly your web application with Node.js and SimpleSwitch™ on a Compute Module

Why Node.js on a Compute Module? Developing your application backend in JavaScript using Node.js offers several advantages. It’s a familiar language for many developers, allows for rapid prototyping, and boasts a rich ecosystem of libraries and frameworks. Using a Compute Module provides a powerful and flexible platform for deploying your application directly on the device.

Let’s Dive In!

We’ll use VS Code as our development environment and SimpleSwitch™ for deployment.

  1. Start a New Project: Launch VS Code and initialize a new project. Source the required SDK and choose a name for your application.
  2. Select Configuration: Set the container name, choose Node.js as template, and enable debug mode.
  3. Explore Project Structure: Navigate to the source directory and familiarize yourself with the project files.
  4. Package and Deploy: Use the “Package Application” command to build and deploy your application. Monitor the process in the console.
  5. Debug with Ease: Set breakpoints in your code and run the application in debug mode directly from VS Code. Step through your code and identify any issues.

That’s it! You’ve successfully developed and debugged a Node.js application directly on a Compute Module. This opens up exciting possibilities for your embedded software projects.

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