96Boards onsemi Dual Camera Mezzanine


This 96Boards mezzanine card features two Polight IAScompatible imaging modules based on imaging sensors from ON Semiconductor. These sensors interface to an AP1302 imaging coprocessor. By using the 96Boards standard, this card could be easily prototyped with the Ultra96-V2 platform. This kit simplifies the complex process of developing with imaging sensors.

MIPI-CSI2 is widely used in the consumer industry for high-speed communications from host processor to image sensors, but many image sensor modules have varying connector formats which can lead to difficulties with experimenting with different camera modules. The Imager Access System (IAS) image sensor module format from ON Semiconductor helps solve this problem and enables the following:
- Ease of Design-In: OEMs do not have to source lens or explore module vendors
- Decreases time to market by enabling low-touch design
- Prior imaging system expertise is not required since IAS is a plug-and-play solution

The purpose of the IAS standard is to help any end-product or board designer to gain access to all image sensor modules that are compatible within the IAS standard.


Key Features
  • Two IAS sensor modules
  • AP1302 imaging coprocessor
Target Applications
  • IoT
  • AI-Computer Imaging