Enhancing Displays with Low Power MIP Technology

We have seen a huge surge in the use of IoT devices in the last decade or so across various industries. More companies are focused on developing devices that will become part of the connected ecosystem. According to Markets&Markets, the IoT market size is expected to grow from USD 300.3 billion in 2021 to 650.5 billion by 2026. However, with this massive growth comes various challenges and concerns, and one of the biggest challenges has been the power consumption.

The display is the key element in an IoT device and depending upon the resolution can consume more power. This is where you need displays that consume low power and yet deliver exceptional performance, all at the same time.

How Sharp MIP Displays are Transforming Connected Devices

Memory in Pixel (MIP) displays are designed to deliver excellent image quality at ultra-low power consumption, especially in the outdoor environment. It provides high visibility in almost any ambient lighting environment with its eye-catching 64-color or high-contrast monochrome compared to the traditional displays.

The MIP technology can empower a myriad of products ranging from wearables, medical devices to smart meters and many other products across various industries. It is equipped with color reflective LCD and in outdoor environment where visibility becomes a major concern, it provides great visibility and high display quality.

Epson Display Controller

Apart from the MIP display, we would require a supportive display controller. The S1D13C00 model from Epson is a display controller for low-power memory and EInk EPD displays used in wearable devices. It supports interfaces with 6-bit color memory-in-pixel (MIP) panels, 3-bit and 1-bit black-and-white panels (SPI interface), EInk EPD panels (3/4-wire serial interface), and 1/2/4/8 bpp grayscale memory LCD panels (8-bit parallel or 3/4-wire serial).

Epson also offers an Arm®Cortex®-M0+ (32bit) processor family that has a MIP controller integrated with  the MCU.

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