Reinventing ITO sensors with SP-ITO

Stutensee, Germany – October, 2022 – As a leading provider of industrial visualization systems, Avnet Embedded is implementing complete PCAP glass touch solutions using a new technology to achieve bigger sizes, better optical and EMI performance, along with lower sheet resistance.

After the DITO and Metal Mesh sensors, Avnet Embedded introduces a new film-film sensor technology called SP-ITO (Special Indium Tin Oxide), to cover all customer needs for PCAP performance.

The SP-ITO material is a low resistance film-film sheet, with a patented mixture of ITO (Indium Tin Oxide) and nano silver particles, that helps in achieving superior d optical performance with the 2-layer PCAP.

The minimum achievable resistance is 10ohm/sq, that helps in the development of touch functionality that reacts very fast despite external parameters like noise, which may influence the performance of the PCAP.

10-TUnitSpecTest Method
ResistanceΩ10ASTM D 991
Transmittance%86ASTM D1003
Haze%0.42ASTM D1003
b* (T)%1.4ASTM E1164
Uniformity%2.5%(Max.-min.) 2.Ave

With this new technology, Avnet Embedded can cover a lot of new applications, where common ITO-based glass sensors may not be able to pass all EMI tests. This may be because of their high resistance or where metal mesh sensors cannot fit the small form factor. Typical sizes for SP-ITO applications will be between 4.3” and 12.1”. The maximum achievable size currently is up to 32”.

Avnet Embedded supports its customers from designing the PCAP touch to providing necessary support during the system integration. Special requirements of the application, such as compact housing, special operability and robustness, can be taken into consideration. After approval of the solution concept, the first samples can be made available within a timeframe of six to eight weeks. Experience has shown that production of larger quantities of the display/touch systems can start six months after the project commencement.

For samples of a complete DTC (Display, Touch, Cover) based on the new SP-ITO technology, please get in touch with us.

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