New SMARC and COM Express modules based on Intel Atom processors with eight cores

Scalable Computing Modules for Mobile Medical Devices

Avnet has launched three compact Computer-on-Modules (CoMs) based on Intel’s powerful Atom Processor x7000RE and x7000C Series with eight cores. The boards are ideal for rugged industrial applications with extended temperature range and 24/7 continuous operation.


Scalable embedded computing technologies can significantly accelerate the development of innovative medical devices. The ready-to-use Computer-on-Modules integrate a core functionality of the selected processor technology and are simply mounted on a carrier board that has all application-specific functions. The advantages of the module concept are high flexibility and open scalability to optimize project costs and time-to-market of the end products. Furthermore, the standardized embedded compute modules offer migration to future technology upgrades thanks to their scaling options.

Applications of the standardized embedded modules range from high-performance computed tomography (CT) and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) systems, ultrasound and diagnostic devices to stationary and mobile patient monitoring systems. Mobile emergency equipment, e.g. defibrillator, ECG, blood pressure, oxygen and temperature mess systems, integrate embedded modules featuring a small form factor and low power consumption for battery support. Medical technology applications have special requirements in terms of safety, reliability and durability of the devices for meeting the applicable standards and mandatory certifications.

Avnet Embedded offers a broad portfolio of innovative embedded compute modules that cover the requirements of various medical technology applications thanks to their scalable performance and a flexible interface set. For special tasks that cannot be fulfilled with the standard modules offered, there are numerous options for optimizing the hardware and software. This includes the adaptation of the BIOS, the support in development of the carrier board and the integration of the module into the special application.

Intel’s new Atom processor x7000RE and x7000C Series is ideally suited to meet a variety of future medical applications. Compared to the predecessor generation the processor technology featuring eight cores offers as much as double CPU cores with equivalent power consumption. The CPU architecture uses the same Efficient-cores, which are already used by the Intel Performance Hybrid Architecture of 12th Gen Intel Core processors. The integrated Intel UHD Graphics of the x7000RE Series bases on Xe architecture with up to 32 Execution Units (EUs) and a maximal resolution of 4k delivers a high graphics performance. The EUs support AI applications which are more and more used in powerful image recognition and image processing medical systems.

 Avnet Embedded offers three embedded modules based on Intel’s Atom processor x7000RE and x7000C Series. The MSC SM2S-ASL module family is compliant to the compact SMARC form factor, the MSC C6C- ASL modules are COM Express Type 6 compliant and the MSC C10M-ASL modules come in the COM Express Type 10 standard. To scale the compute performance, two, four or eight CPU cores are available.

The Intel Atom processor-based modules are ideal for applications that require reliable and compact industrial compute platforms. Their industrial grade capabilities include extended temperature range from -40°C to +85°C and 24/7 continuous operation. Typical applications are medical devices, robotics, automation systems, PLCs, HMI systems, digital signage solutions, point of sales terminals, and intelligent camera solutions. Applications with lower temperature and operation demands can use Avnet’s ALN module families featuring Intel Atom x7000E Series, Intel Core i3 or Intel N-Series processors.

The new SMARC and COM Express modules offer on-board eMMC storage with a maximum of 256GB. In-band ECC option for protecting memory data is available. The broad range of powerful interfaces including PCIe Gen 3, USB 3.2 & 2.0,1 / 2.5Gbps Intel Ethernet ensures a high data throughput. Cameras can be connected via dual MIPI-CSI camera interfaces. The modules can drive up to three independent displays.

 Avnet Embedded’s MSC SM2S-ASL module family is SMARC 2.1.1, Short Size form factor, compliant and has dimensions of 82 x 50mm. The power-saving and cost-efficient board features a power dissipation between 8 and 17W. The implemented fast LPDDR5-4800 memory technology with up to 16GB soldered down memory chips for rugged applications ensures high data throughput. The SMARC module comes with two Gigabit Ethernet ports and one SGMII with up to 2.5GbE bandwidth.

 The x7000RE and x7000C Series-based MSC C6C-ASL module family from von Avnet Embedded is compliant with the COM Express Type 6 standard in the Compact form factor with 95 x 95mm. The COMe interfaces allow direct access to digital display interfaces including DisplayPort, HDMI and a choice of LVDS versus eDP. The high-end interfaces include up to six PCIe Gen 3 Lanes and up to four USB 3.1 ports. The network interface based on Intel‘s i226 network controller offers up to 2.5GbE bandwidth. Mass storage is available via the optional on-board eMMC memory or extern via two SATA channels. The board can be equipped with a maximum of 16GB DDR5-4800 SO-DIMM memory.

Avnet Embedded’s MSC C10M-ASL modules are based on the COM Express Type 10 standard in the Mini form factor (84 x 55mm). The board offers dual independent display support and fast LPDDR5 memory with up to 16GB soldered down memory chips ideal for rugged applications. It comes with one Gigabit Ethernet port with up to 2.5GbE bandwidth.

Avnet Embedded already offers a broad range of innovative Intel Atom-based embedded computing modules. The new CoM families expand the portfolio with additional performance and functionality to offer the optimized solution for all industrial grade applications. Avnet Embedded provides for its embedded module families a complete ecosystem with suitable starter kit, board support package and design-in support.

To secure the system investments made by the customers and to avoid renewed approval procedures and certifications of the medical devices, Avnet Embedded guarantees a long-term availability of the modules. The SMARC and COM Express boards are developed in the company’s own design centers and manufactured in fully automated production facilities. This ensures a very high quality of the embedded modules.




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