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From trashcans to Street View: the everyday data that’s saving lives

You might think that smart cities are all about operational efficiency, but we don’t. We believe that smart cities are about people and their data can save lives.

When energy is a problem, could data be a solution?

We’ve lost count of the many and inventive ways that organisations look to meet their sustainability goals, keep on top of costs and transform to operate more efficiently and effectively. And like the old adage about not seeing the forest for the trees, we know that quite often they are overlooking one obvious, but significant change that can address all three issues in one single action: through better management of energy consumption.

It’s a smart time to be luxe

The hallmark of modern life is a lack of time, so it stands to reason that the most popular products have an element of productivity built in. This need for speed has conveniently coincided with the growth of embedded computing capability, opening up a world of functionality for product designers who are looking to have the upper hand in the market.
A person using a treadmill and a smart device

The everywhere gym

The gym business is changing. Technology is creating new experiences, more accurate goal-setting and new ways to bring exercise to our lives.

What is ISO 13485 certification, and why is it so important?

When we manufacture medical devices for international brands, ISO 13485 is just one way Avnet Embedded ensures the highest possible standards.

Dito vs Nano Touch Solutions

Nano or DITO? When you’re developing a product that requires a touch display, you’ll need the right sensor. But which one? Avnet Embedded can help you.

Modification options for TFT screens

TFT (Thin Film Transistor) display modification is a great way to make the most of your product budget without compromising on performance.

What is COM Express®?

Versatility, durability, scalability – the COM Express® form factor is a reliable all-rounder for embedded computing applications. Find out more about this popular standard.

What is COM-HPC?

COM HPC is the newest international standard in modular computing for applications requiring high performance processing in a small form factor. Choose our COM HPC Modules for faster network connection, more high-speed interfaces and significantly enhanced performance. Find out more.

EV Charging: The race to sustainability, loyalty and returns

Is EV Charging ‘the new Wifi’? Not yet. But in the future, it will be more than just a way to power vehicles – it will change where we go and what we do.