Insights from the experts at Avnet Embedded.

Avnet Embedded expands its broad SMARC™ module product portfolio to open up new markets and applications

The compact SMARC™ computer-on-module standard has experienced tremendous success, especially for low-power applications in different markets. Avnet Embedded, one of the leading manufacturers of embedded modules, has a broad SMARC™ product portfolio with scalable processor technologies and interface features and offers its customers comprehensive design support.

New optimized solutions for industrial applications

Being a close partner to leading processor manufacturers means that we are among the first to launch a new portfolio of embedded compute modules, based on latest processor generations. These new module families – new COM Express, COM-HPC, SMARC, and OSM – mean that our customers can quickly embed the best computing capabilities into their products.

How we’re engineering touch screens to eliminate ghost touch in mission-critical applications

We build many applications for customers that require absolute precision and reliability for environments where safety and accuracy are important. We have been working with customers recently on engineering touch screens to absolutely eliminate any chance of ghost touch (false signals of touch inputs on a screen). This has required some creative thinking and deep-level engineering from our in-house display experts.

Avnet Embedded: Scalable modules with 12th Gen Intel® Core™ processors meet the challenges of modern medical devices.

The high-performance medical devices of the future place high demands on their components and parts. Avnet Embedded draws from a wide range of innovative embedded standard modules, based on the current 12th Generation Intel® Core™ processors.

One code wonder: why SimpleSwitch will change your software development process forever

It’s a truth universally accepted that the work of software developers is inextricably linked to the hardware their code will finally run on. So, when the hardware changes, so must the code. It’s what has always happened but doesn’t make the process any less frustrating when it comes to meeting tight go-to-market deadlines, or when suddenly your chosen compute modules are unavailable. In these difficult circumstances, developers have always had to suck it up and start from scratch or simply…wait.

Explore our new and EMC stable design, with Air GAP between Touch Sensor and Cover Glass.

As a leading display innovations expert, we ensure that the touch displays we develop are reliable and deliver optimal performance under any condition.  Our attention to detail enables us to develop flawless designs that meet customer expectations.

Double tap, zoom, rotate and flip with AUO PCAP touch integration

Industrial standard displays need to perform under all circumstances – in extremes of weather and temperature, or environments where there is a high risk of damage.

Looks better, feels better, works better: discover the world’s thinnest touch sensor

Today, we’re taking our sensor technology into a new era with the addition of AD Mesh – a lighter, sleeker and more bendable sensor which is a custom build and can be easily adapted customer needs. It joins our existing DITO, SP-ITO and Metal Mesh sensors, which are already widely in use across the world-class displays that we deliver to our customers in every industry.

Reinventing ITO sensors with SP-ITO

Stutensee, Germany – October, 2022 – As a leading provider of industrial visualization systems, Avnet Embedded is implementing complete PCAP glass touch solutions using a new technology to achieve bigger sizes, better optical and EMI performance, along with lower sheet resistance.