Double tap, zoom, rotate and flip with AUO PCAP touch integration

Industrial standard displays need to perform under all circumstances – in extremes of weather and temperature, or environments where there is a high risk of damage.

Need a high-performance outdoor touchscreen? Look no further.

Our well-loved and widely used SimplePlus family welcomes a new addition in the shape of the new ‘AMA-070A08-DU2511-G020’. It may not be the catchiest of names, but it could be just the solution you need to kickstart your product innovation journey.

Reinventing ITO sensors with SP-ITO

Stutensee, Germany – October, 2022 – As a leading provider of industrial visualization systems, Avnet Embedded is implementing complete PCAP glass touch solutions using a new technology to achieve bigger sizes, better optical and EMI performance, along with lower sheet resistance.

Avnet Embedded adds new 10.1″ option to SimplePlus displays

Avnet Embedded has just added a new 10.1" option to its popular range of SimplePlus displays. The new GEA-101C01-DC9509-G020 is a ready-to-use display solution which is pre-validated and tested for a wide range of industrial uses.

Avnet Embedded partners with Tianma to offer new high brightness rugged displays

May 2022 – Avnet Embedded has teamed up with its display partner Tianma to offer a range of rugged, high brightness displays. The seven inch displays are perfect for outdoor applications that require clearly readable screens in harsh light and a wide range of temperatures. This makes them perfect for applications like fuel station displays, outdoor vending machines and kiosks, as well as smaller public information systems.

Modification options for TFT screens

TFT (Thin Film Transistor) display modification is a great way to make the most of your product budget without compromising on performance.