New SMARC and COM Express modules based on Intel Atom processors with eight cores

Avnet has launched three compact Computer-on-Modules (CoMs) based on Intel’s powerful Atom Processor x7000RE and x7000C Series with eight cores. The boards are ideal for rugged industrial applications with extended temperature range and 24/7 continuous operation.

The key to true color? Knowing how hard it is to get right

‘True color’ is one of those expressions that takes on a different meaning, depending on who you’re talking to. For an artist or designer, it refers to the accurate depiction of colour in an image – as close to the original as possible. In the world of displays, it defines the palette of around 16 million colors on a PC (otherwise known as 24-bit color depth).

Is this a true revolution in visual interfaces?

In a world where so many things are declared ‘revolutionary’, we try to exercise caution. But the combination of Ultra-Low Power TFT (Thin-Film Transistor) and Projected Capacitive Touch (PCT™) has opened up new possibilities for energy-efficient human-machine interfaces (HMIs). To us, it feels like the word definitely qualifies here, but we should probably take the opportunity to explain why, how these technologies work, their importance in the market and their advantages over ePaper displays.

Avnet Brings High Performance on ARM-based processors to Two New Computer-on-Modules in Collaboration with Qualcomm

Nuremberg, Germany – April 10, 2024 – In collaboration with Qualcomm Technologies, Inc., Avnet (Nasdaq: AVT) is launching two new ARM*-based System on Modules (SoM) at Embedded World 2024. These modules, powered by Qualcomm® QCS5430 and Qualcomm® QCS6490 processors, bring a new level of performance to Avnet’s portfolio of SMARC modules.
Thomas Staudinger, President, Avnet Embedded, accepts the award from Ron Martino, EVP Global Sales, NXP at Embedded World 2024

Avnet Embedded Promoted to Platinum NXP Partner

April 9, 2024 – Avnet Embedded has been promoted to Platinum Partner status within NXP® Semiconductor’s prestigious Global Partner Program. Platinum Partners are those companies who collaborate closely with NXP to enrich the enablement and implementation of total system solutions.

Avnet Showcases Three New COM Modules Powered by New Intel Atom Processors at Embedded World 2024

Nuremberg, Germany – April 9, 2024 – Avnet (Nasdaq: AVT) is launching three new Computer on Modules (CoM) based on Intel’s newly announced Atom* Processor x7000RE and x7000C Series at Embedded World 2024.

Avnet Introduces High Performance SM2S-IMX95 SMARC Module

Nuremberg, Germany – April 4, 2024 -- Avnet (Nasdaq: AVT) launches a new SMARC module family based on NXP’s new i.MX 95 Applications Processor. The MSC SM2S-IMX95 SMARC module family is based on the new SMARC 2.1.1 standard allowing easy integration with SMARC baseboards.

Avnet Launches Two Modules based on Intel Core Ultra Processor

Nuremberg, Germany – April 8, 2024 – Avnet (Nasdaq: AVT) is launching two high-end Computer-on Module (CoM) products for compute and graphics intensive applications featuring Intel* Core* Ultra processors.
Display assembly

Overwhelmed by choice? Take the SimplePlus route.

Are you feeling lost? That you simply don’t have enough hours in the day to spend hunting for the perfect display model? And then there’s the challenge of finding the right partner to help you with your visualization or HMI. Sheesh. It shouldn’t be this hard, right?

Avnet Expands OSM Product Line with i.MX 8M Plus

Nuremberg, Germany – March 26, 2024 -- Avnet (Nasdaq: AVT) launches module based on the compact OSM Size M format featuring NXP’s i.MX 8M Plus family of processors. The MSC OSM-MF-IMX8PLUS is based on the compact OSM 1.1 standard (Size-M) “Medium” for completely machine processible low-cost embedded computer modules during soldering, assembly and testing.